I promise to take care of you and I promise to take care of Christopher.

I promise to take care of myself so that I am happy and healthy for you and Christopher.

I promise to be loyal to you, to pick you for my team and to join yours when you need me.

I promise to treat you as my equal while recognizing our differences.

I promise to remember that your strengths and weaknesses together make you who you are and the person I love.

I promise neither to cultivate nor disguise discontent, and to be open to the point of complete confusion.

I promise to approach the world with curiosity and engagement, and to live in it with integrity.

I promise to remember when youíre not at your best how amazing you really are.

I promise to be part of the adventure of your life.

I promise to ask the hard questions, even when we donít know the answers.

I promise to see the real you through all the static.

I promise to celebrate and defend your eccentricities.

I promise to encourage--and not fear--your need to grow.

I promise to always make sure you know how much I love you, and never leave you alone just hoping or guessing.

I promise to try to be my best self for my sake, your sake, and for the example I am to Christopher.


We promise each other to make the best family together that we can.