Order of Events

Pre-cessional Activities (1:45 – 2:30)

  Preparing the space for the wedding ceremony

Lobby, theatre and outdoors

Make your own bouquet, add a floral arrangement to the theatre, put flowers in your hair

Contribute to the blessing poem to be read for Tom, Sabrina and Christopher

Add a square to the Friendship Quilt created on the stage

Add a thought to the question, “What does marriage mean in this day and age?”

Video-tape a message for Tom and Sabrina to watch on their 5th anniversary

Add your photo and thoughts to the digital scrapbook

Children can make their own memento bracelets with our family mascot

Just for fun and for kids to feel beautiful


The Ceremony  (2:45)


Bride:  Sabrina Klein

Groom:  Tom Clement

Son:  Christopher Klein

OfficiateEric Booth

Pianist: Victoria Theodore

Sing-Along:  "When I’m 64" 94 written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney

Blessing Poem: Read by Rica Anderson with contributions from guests

Gift of Song:  John Thomas singing “No Matter What Goes Right” written by Ezra Idlet and Keith Grimwood

Thoughts about marriage

Vows and Exchange of Rings

Gift of Song:  Rudy Guerrero and Jessica Kiely singing “They Were You” written by Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt

Circle of Children: Bells and Flowers

Marriage Pronouncement



Reception (3:15)

Lobby and downstairs in Studio One (please, no food in the theatre)

Finger food for kids and grown ups



Artistic Offerings from Family and Friends (4:00)


Gifts of Song

  “I Got a Feeling for You” by Kelly Willis, dedicated to Tom from Sabrina featuring

Bill Clement, Daniel Malby, Ryan Kiely and Dayle Farina

  “Seasons of Love”, sung by Michaela Gordon

  “My One and Only Love”, sung by Mary Kay Martin

  “Song for Sabrina”, written and composed by Tom Clement, featuring

            Rudy Guerrero, vocals and Victoria Theodore, piano


Gift of Drama (and Comedy?)

  A theatrical presentation based on real interviews with Tom and Sabrina’s family and friends

  Interviews from Sabrina’s mom and dad, Tom’s mom and dad, Rica Anderson, Rudy Guerrero, Ezra Idlet and Christopher Klein

   Edited and directed by John Warren with Unconditional Theatre

   Featuring:  Jeff Raz, Rhoda Kaufman, Rebecca Fisher, Patty Holton, Tom Parker, & Norman Gee


Cake and Champagne (4:45)


Presentation of Cake, created by Torino Baking

Champagne Toast

Cutting of the Cake

Eating of the Cake


Dance and Party  (5:00)


Take home flowers and lovely memories 



Wedding planner and designer:  Susan Anthony Events

Photography:  Elif Sema Hanna